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ANCEL AJ600 Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine

ANCEL AJ600 Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine is a highly effective device designed for the cleaning of petrol and diesel fuel injectors. The ultrasonic cleaning technology successfully removes carbon deposits, residues, and other contaminants from the injectors. This cleaning process enhances the performance of injectors, leading to a more efficient operation of the engine.

One of the key features of the machine is the Ultrasonic Cleaning process. This process completely eliminates contaminants on the injectors, restoring them to their original performance. Additionally, the machine can measure the resistance values of fuel injectors with its resistance testing feature and control the injection amount of each injector with uniformity/spray ability testing.

With leakage testing, you can check the leakage status of injectors, and with the injection flow test, you can test the injection number of injectors within 15 seconds. Moreover, the machine allows testing injectors under different operating conditions, enabling appropriate cleaning and testing procedures for various car and motorcycle models.

ANCEL AJ600 features a user-friendly design and is straightforward to use. To clean the injectors, you just need to place them in the tank and start the cleaning process. The cleaning process typically takes around 30 minutes, providing time savings for users.

The technical specifications of the machine are quite impressive. The main unit can operate on AC220V or AC110V power supply. The ultrasonic cleaner voltage is 100W, resistance testing accuracy is 0.1Ω, and the simulated RPM range is between 100 and 9900rpm. Additionally, the operating pressure ranges from 0 to 7 bars.

The machine has a fuel tank capacity of 2000 ml and comes with various accessories. The package includes the ultrasonic cleaning machine, main pulse cable, funnel, fuel separator, user manual, fuel separator cap, mainframe adapter, pulse signal cable, power cable, hook, steering lock, adapter assistant, injection plate, O-ring, and perforated plug.

ANCEL AJ600 Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine offers a practical and effective solution for users to clean injectors. By effectively cleaning injectors of diesel and petrol vehicles, it enhances engine performance and optimizes fuel economy. Its compact design and ease of use make it an ideal choice for garages, service centers, and automotive maintenance professionals.