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Ancel DS600

Ancel DS600 is a powerful OBD2 scanner developed for automotive professionals and users interested in diagnosing and repairing their own vehicles.

Compatible with vehicles from 1996 and newer, this device enables easy diagnosis of vehicles and the ability to identify and reset various systems.

Its high performance and user-friendly interface make it a preferred tool among professionals and DIYers in the automotive industry.

The Ancel DS600 serves as a fundamental diagnostic tool with the ability to read and clear fault codes in vehicles.

This feature allows vehicle owners and technicians to quickly identify potential issues and take necessary precautions.

Additionally, the DS600 allows you to monitor the real-time performance of vehicles by displaying live data.

The ability to perform active tests enables the running of different components of vehicles and evaluating their performance.

This ensures a more accurate diagnosis of problems in vehicles, such as determining whether mechanical or electronic components are faulty.

Ancel DS600 also offers a variety of features such as ECU coding, TPMS reset, EPB reset, SAS reset, injector coding,and IMMO unlock.

ECU coding allows for the updating or changing of the programs in the electronic control units (ECU) of vehicles.

TPMS reset facilitates the introduction or reprogramming of tire pressure sensors into the system.

EPB reset provides a useful function by resetting the electronic parking brake system during brake maintenance.

SAS reset resets the steering angle sensor, ensuring the vehicle moves in the correct direction.

Injector coding ensures the integration and proper functioning of injectors in the fuel injection system.

With its user-friendly interface and portable size, Ancel DS600 is an ideal tool for both professionals and DIYers.

Its extensive range of features and affordable price allow users to confidently perform more complex diagnostic and maintenance procedures.

Ancel DS600 stands as an indispensable tool for vehicle owners and automotive maintenance experts, serving as a reliable and effective OBD2 scanner.