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Automobile Chip Tuning, Power Boost, Fuel Saving

Automobile Chip Tuning, Power Boost, Fuel Saving
With Automobile Chip Tuning, you don't have to choose between better performance or better fuel economy. Automobile Chip Tuning lets you have both.

You can save up to 15% of fuel by using it with appropriate driving habits. This means that an investment in Chip Tuning products pays off quickly. Automobile Chip Tuning is designed to reduce fuel consumption. Enjoy the power boost while pressing the accelerator pedal and save fuel and money when driving in lower gears.

Increasing the power of the engine is easier than ever with Dimsport Devices.

Correct Driving Habits for Maximum Fuel Economy

Your fuel economy is highly dependent on your driving habits. If you continue to drive as usual after Car Chip Tuning, you will immediately realize that you have saved fuel. In addition to chip tuning, the following tips will also help you make the most of your fuel-saving potential. You won't compromise on driving pleasure just because you're driving in more efficient gear.

Many people automatically assume that fuel-efficient driving is the opposite of enjoyable driving. Even experts recommend accelerating quickly to the desired speed and maintaining it with a lower RPM in higher gears.

Power Boost, Power Save Drive expectation

Since a car with increased power can accelerate faster and maintain its current speed with less power consumption, the engine will get less tired, thus increasing the life of the engine and your fuel consumption will decrease significantly.

Put Your Car on a Diet

Unnecessary luggage, which is usually in the trunk, adversely affects the aerodynamics (in case of exterior mounting) as well as the overall weight of your vehicle. As a rule, 100 kg of extra weight provides 0.5 l more fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. Cleaning your car improves your fuel economy.