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Truck Explorer MB FULL

Truck Explorer MB FULL AutoVEI is a diagnostic and fault detection device specially designed for Mercedes-Benz trucks. Developed by AutoVEI, this device scans the electronic systems of Mercedes-Benz trucks to diagnose malfunctions and read fault codes.Truck Explorer MB FULL AutoVEI connects to the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) port to access the on-board computer of the Mercedes-Benz truck. This allows you to get detailed information about the condition of the truck's engine, transmission, brakes, electrical system and other key components. You can also read fault codes, clear fault codes and diagnose faults.

MB FULL supports a wide range of Mercedes-Benz trucks. Depending on the model and equipment of your truck, you can use Truck Explorer MB FULL AutoVEI to

Read and clear fault codes

Monitoring parameters, e.g. speed, engine speed, fuel consumption, etc.

Checking the status of sensors

Diagnostics and troubleshooting through a user-friendly interface

Adjust performance settings (depending on model)

Reset service lights and use other special functions

Truck Explorer MB FULL AutoVEI is a device specially designed for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of Mercedes-Benz trucks.

Licenses in a kit:

Nr. License code License name  
1 D2351S0057 License Mb
PLD (MR) external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write; Checksum. MCU C167CS, XC2287, XC2288H. OBD/DC/BSL modes
2 D2051S0002 License Mb Keys
Key programming for Mercedes truck (MR) by OBDKey programming on PLD (MR). IMMO OFF on MR and FR/CPC
3 D2051S0003 License Mb Calc
Calculate codes for VeDoc ( X1, X2, X8); FDOK (XT, XS, XN) algorithms, DAS password
4 D2251S0055 License GS2
Gearbox ECU GS2 (EPS3) Read/Write in DC, BSL and OBD mode
5 D2151S0043 License EHZ BSL
EHZ E-MAS C167CS, 10F269 Flash & EEPROM R/W by DC2 BSL mode
6 D2251S0052 License EBS
Wabco EBS3/EBS4 Read/Write Flash MPC5554 + EEprom
Knorr-Bremse EBS5 Read/Write Flash MPC562 + EEprom
7 D2351S0058 License FR/CPC
FR, FR/CPC, CPC Flash & EEPROM Read/Write in OBD, DC, BSL mode (C167, ST10F276) Also supported FR1; FR2; CPC0; CPC1, CPC2
8 D2051S0021 License ADM3 BSL
ADM2; ADM3 - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write in BSL mode
9 D2351S0056 License CPC3
CPC3 Read/Write (Flash MPC5566 / Eeprom AT25256) by DC, OBD and JTAG mode
10 D2351S0059 License CPC3Evo
CPC3Evo Read/Write (Flash MPC5674 / Eeprom AT25256) by DC2U, OBD, JTAG
11 D2351S0060 License CPC4
CPC4 Read/Write (TC1796 Flash & EEPROM) in OBD, DC and BSL mode
12 D2051S0041 License SFTP KEYS
EIS/MCM/TCM keys operations added: 'Read keys info'; MCM/TCM 'Unpairing' (Online, DC mode only); MCM/TCM 'Pairing' (Offline, OBD) (600 tokens included). Transponder key programming to MCM (offline)
13 D2051S0035 License SFTP CALC
MB SFTP (MP4) VeDoc/Fdok XS; XT; XN; X1; X2; X8
14 D2051S0013 License EIS ISP
SFTP EIS Read/Write Flash&EEPROM by DC2U in ISP mode. D70F3628
15 D2251S0051 License TCM   New!
TCM read/write over OBD/DC/JTAG. Bosch/Wabco/Festo
16 D2051P0007

License pack ACM/MCM BSL
- License MCM BSL

- License MCM2.1 BSL

MCM, MCM2, ACM2, ACM2.1 (unlocked), MCM2.1 (unlocked, locked) - Flash & EEPROM R/W by DC2 in BSL

17 D2051P0008

License pack MCM

- License MCM DC

- License MCM OBD
MCM - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC and OBD

18 D2051P0009

License pack MCM2
- License MCM2 DC

- License MCM2 OBD
MCM2 - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write via DC2 and OBD

19 D2051P0010

License pack ACM2
- License ACM2 DC

- License ACM2 OBD
ACM2 - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD

20 D2051P0011

License pack MCM2.1
- License MCM2.1 DC

- License MCM2.1 OBD
MCM2.1 (locked/unlocked) - Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD

21 D2051P0012

License pack ACM2.1
- License ACM2.1 DC

- License ACM2.1 OBD   

ACM2.1 (locked/unlocked) Flash & EEPROM Read/Write by DC2 and OBD

21 D2351S0061 License MB EXTRA
Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W;
22 D2051S8001 License DC2
Operations by Direct Connection 2 tool (DC2, DC2M, DC2U). 
23   Tokens for operations 
Additional operations for tokens (price per operation)

Hardware in a kit:

Nr. Code   Product name
1 D220707004
Truck Explorer MB FULL
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer MB FULL
3 D151120064
Truck Explorer MB FULL
4 D185101084
Truck Explorer MB FULL
5 D225101004
Truck Explorer MB FULL
6 D165120003
Truck Explorer MB FULL
7 D195121005
Truck Explorer MB FULL
8 D195111004
Truck Explorer MB FULL
9 D195116004
Truck Explorer MB FULL
10 D225111012
Truck Explorer MB FULL
11 D225111014
Truck Explorer MB FULL
12 D195116003
Truck Explorer MB FULL
13 D205111007
Truck Explorer MB FULL
14 D225100020
Truck Explorer MB FULL
15 D205100024
Truck Explorer MB FULL
16 D205100023
Truck Explorer MB FULL
17 D205111003
Truck Explorer MB FULL
18 D195111003
Truck Explorer MB FULL
19 D215111009
Truck Explorer MB FULL
20 D195102003
Truck Explorer MB FULL
21 D195111011
Truck Explorer MB FULL
22 D175101010
Truck Explorer MB FULL
23 D2251K1002
Truck Explorer MB FULL
24 D205112006
Truck Explorer MB FULL
25 D205188003
Truck Explorer MB FULL