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Mercedes Diagnostic Tool Features, Supported Vehicles, Device Content

Mercedes Diagnosis Device Features, Supported Vehicles, Device Content

Multi-functional diagnostic tools have been developed for Mercedes vehicles to detect faults. Mercedes diagnostic tools, such as Mercedes C3, Mercedes C4, and Mercedes C5, have been produced over the years. These tools are continuously improved to support newly developed vehicle models. Mercedes diagnostic tools are designed to cover all Mercedes passenger car models, light commercial vehicle models, and all heavy-duty vehicle groups. The diagnostic tools produced for use in our country have Turkish language support and are user-friendly.

Diagnostic Devices

The Star Diagnostic Connect diagnostic device used for fault detection in Mercedes vehicles typically works with Mercedes vehicle models produced after 1991. For all new-generation vehicles, fault detection with the C5 device can be performed with 100% efficiency and is used by authorized Mercedes service centers. Mercedes diagnostic devices are programmed to be compatible only with Mercedes vehicles.

What is Done with a Diagnostic Device

The diagnostic devices used by Mercedes authorized services are capable of testing various systems in all Mercedes vehicles. Tests can be conducted for ABS, ASR, SRS, MPL, GM, climate control, DASX, and OBD II systems. These devices allow reading various fault codes, clearing error codes, live data reading, checking system operating status, and detecting parts adaptation. As part of general maintenance, coding for all engine, body, chassis, and instrument modules, as well as key configuration, are processes that can be performed using a diagnostic device.

Software Features

Mercedes vehicles' diagnostic devices comprise error code lists, parts catalogs, and repair manual software. These tools are designed to be compatible with Windows 7 operating systems, ensuring user-friendly interactions, and they are available in Turkish versions for convenient use in our country. The test results conducted on your vehicle using a diagnostic tool can be automatically logged in the system, enabling you to review all the identified issues in a list format. Employing a diagnostic tool for necessary tests during vehicle purchase or sale can offer insights into the overall condition of the vehicle.