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Wabco Diagnostic Device Features, Supported Tools, Device Contents

Wabco Diagnostic Device Features, Supported Tools, Device Contents

Wabco diagnostic device, which is the most preferred in Turkey and corresponds to approximately 90% of the market share, is a tool that people use a lot. This device, which is specially produced for each vehicle, is useful with this feature. This system is the braking system used in vehicles. Wabco makes different special productions for each vehicle to detect and eliminate brake failures in vehicles. This system only detects brake faults in vehicles. This system is a new-generation fault detection device that is widely used and used to detect faults in vehicles.

Features of This Product

Wabco diagnostic tool helps you by finding which sensor or system is faulty in your vehicle. Once you have determined where the fault the system has shown you is, you can easily fix this fault. After repairing the fault, you can delete the region where this fault is located on the Wabco fault-finding device system and enable the system to detect new faults. You can easily view and detect all the faults that the system shows you, these may be brake or other faults, on the computer.

Wabco Diagnostic Contents

The package content of this fault detection device you have purchased;

-Wabco Interface
-Trailer Tractor Cable
-Trailer Tractor Cable
-USB Connection Cable is included.
-When you purchase the diagnostic device, the above-mentioned products are also included in the package.


In Which Vehicles Can This System Be Used?

Wabco diagnostic device can be used in most vehicles with its products specific to each vehicle. These are vehicles such as trucks and trailers. Wabco diagnostic device, which is the product of developing technology and vehicle systems, can easily learn all your processes such as deleting fault codes, reading fault codes, viewing live values, changing parameters, ECU programming, adaptation and calibration in all systems such as ABS, ECS, ECAS used in these vehicles. You can also fix these faults you detect. It is a device that you can use to make your vehicle last longer.