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What is Brain Programming? How is it done?

What is ECU Programming? How is it done?

As a result of the arrangements made in the engine control unit, changes such as power, fuel and performance are developed. ECU programming on the vehicle becomes possible with different devices (Dimsport). While this Engine control unit reading process is done directly from OBD in some vehicles, it is required to be processed through the ECU in others. After the engine control unit reading process.


Electronic Control Unit Programming

New-generation vehicles are now made with electronic systems. All data of these systems are stored in the electronic control unit. Faults occurring in the systems are also registered to the control unit (ECU) that controls that system. However, it is not possible to find and fix malfunctions in electronic systems with the old methods. Specially designed fault detection devices are used to find faults. Sensors such as airflow sensors, fuel sensors, speed sensors, oil pressure sensors in the vehicles are connected to the engine control unit, and all functions of the vehicle are terminated when the engine control unit fails. There are specially produced devices for ECU programming in the services and programming is done with these devices.



By connecting the vehicle to the computer, as a result of the obd test, the vehicle's ECU and electronic functionality are checked and the past faults are recorded. The electronic test is applied to make electronic controls on vehicles. Detailed information about the electronic controls of the vehicle can be obtained with the electronic test applied by the auto appraisal companies. In the electronic test, connection with the power and control unit of the vehicle, in general, is ensured to detect all the faults that have occurred in the vehicle so far. While it was difficult to reach a clear result in electronic tests in the past, with the advancement of current technology, electronic component failures can be found simply. The devices that have been examined by electronic tests may vary.