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What is Speed Limit Cancellation? How is it done?

What is Speed Limit Cancellation? How is it done?
Every car lover has a passion for speed. This passion for speed is even more evident when it comes to a new and latest model car. However, in some cases, regardless of the model of the vehicle, the speed limit setting in the vehicle's components prevents this passion from emerging. The reason for this is that today's technology has developed a lot and there are electronic control units in almost every brand and model. This system, when the vehicle reaches a certain limit, limits this speed within the limits set by the laws and prevents the occurrence of excessive speed.

Where to Apply for Speed Limit Cancellation?
The application for speed limit cancellation is very easy. Almost every vehicle is now built with an electronic control unit and these ECUs are equipped with software data. This equipment also includes the speed limit of your vehicle, and therefore, when you want to push the limit, your vehicle's limit warning light turns on and warns you about it. However, if you do not want to experience this, as Metadiag Bilişim, we can do this within the legal limits. Please call for detailed information.

How is the procedure done?
It is possible to cancel the speed limit by interfering with the software of the vehicle to interfere with the electronic component in question. The vehicle's engine control unit software is read with special devices (Dimsport). After the reading process is finished, your vehicle's file reaches our MetaECU team with the changes you want to make. Here, our expert engineers who edit your file send the edited file to the vehicle for writing again. You can have this process done at our Metagarage R&D Center within legal limits.

Conditions for Transaction
This arrangement can be made on almost any make and model vehicle. However, this practice is of course prohibited in school buses. Moreover, this application is mostly preferred by private vehicle owners.