Meta Diag

Our Policies


Based on continuous improvement, comfort, quality, social responsibility, and an innovative approach, our goal is to provide our community with quality products and services.


We aim to set global examples through industry-standard improvements, keeping up with technological advancements, and adopting a customer-centric approach.


While achieving this goal, we allocate necessary resources, prioritize R&D activities, and demonstrate sensitivity to compliance with current legislation, standards, and other requirements by improving conditions. 

With the full participation of our employees, we carry out our activities in line with the satisfaction goals of our customers, stakeholders, and all relevant parties, from service initiation to presentation, in all process stages where the Quality Management Standard is effectively implemented.


To ensure continuous improvement and enhancement, we consider safety obligations related to business, legal, or regulatory requirements, and customer contracts. We evaluate each suggestion and complaint, offering a reliable and solution-oriented approach in line with occupational health and safety, environmental protection, and ethical values, providing services to the industry with a sustainable and risk management-based Quality Management System.


To ensure the continuity and effective implementation of the Quality Management System and to make our employees feel valued as an asset, activities are carried out to enhance their knowledge and awareness levels. Our quality management system places importance on the participation and responsibility of all employees to achieve the objectives set in the system. Our system applications are transparent, traceable, objective, and accountable, continuously reviewed in a structured manner.