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Cummins Diagnostic Tool Features, Supported Vehicles, Device Content

Cummins Diagnostic Device Features, Supported Vehicles, Device Contents

In our age, which is the transition period from mechanical tools to electronic tools, methods for solving malfunctions that may occur in these electronic devices have to be developed. One of these methods, Cummins detection device, is a heavy (truck, truck, tow truck, bucket, bus) vehicle fault detection device that allows the electronic service diagnostic program of Cummins brand engines to be tested and repaired. It is a professional device that provides detailed reports on electronic motors.


What Does It Detect?

-The software language is Turkish and includes clear definitions.

-The general feature is to see the electronic device features and parameters.

-Cummins-powered engines

-Error code

-View all schematics and part locations of the system

-Setting reading of hardware

-If a change is required within the specifications of the engine, the device informs.

-It has features compatible with vehicle batteries.


Cummins Features

-All kinds of inventory information of the vehicle

-Adjustable Parameters and features

-Fault detection, reading and deletion of vehicles

-Systematically guided troubleshooting

-List the breakdown of the fault

-Causes and explanations of error codes in the vehicle display

-Engine (Turbo test, cylinder compression and shutdown) diagnostic tests

-Driving record and information system

-Fuel consumption test

-ECM security

-Power generation to the vehicle

-Meeting environmental testing needs

-Calibration loading,

-ECU programming

-Injector test

How to Solve Faults?

In case of heavy vehicle problems, which is the indispensable fault detection device of vehicle authorized services, the relevant vehicle service is visited and the vehicle problems and the tests to be carried out are applied on the Cummins device. For this test, first of all, experienced service personnel in the field of Cummins diagnostic device are authorized and examine all the details on the device. How to use It is supported by a 9-pronged OBD socket device and a computer. A connection is established between the Cummins diagnostic program installed on the computer and the device.

It is known as the Electronic Control Unit located in the engine part of the vehicle, and the abbreviation ECU, that is, the entire operating system center of the vehicle (taking into account the warning sensors previously supplied) is controlled. These faults are detected and solved with the Cummins fault detection device over the ECU.”