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Dyno Tractor | Dimsport

Dyno Tractor is a diagnostic system developed for agricultural vehicles with cardan shaft. Supported by a Management unit, it allows the measurement of a range of parameters such as engine power rating. Dyno tractor's shaft brake is made of high quality material with high torsion resistance. A standard cardan shaft (optional) allows easy connection to the vehicle and allows the following measurements to be easily performed.

Maximum take-off power

Maximum take-off power

Maximum engine torque

Maksimum motor torku

Cardan shaft speed

Intake manifold pressure

Water/oil pressure Exhaust gas pressure

Dyno Tractor is equipped with a vortex current brake. Two models are available: 250 KW single-brake version, which allows measurement up to 250 KW engine power, and double-brake version, which allows measurement up to 500 KW engine power. Its modular construction allows you to purchase an Upgrade to upgrade the machine from the single-brake version.

The tests available for measurement and diagnostics are: :

Timed constant engine speed test

Constant traction test

Constant braking test

Deceleration test

Real-time data logger

The user-friendly software and the absence of hardware allow operation with a laptop directly from the tractor plow seat.

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Reach the tractor anywhere with the DYNO TRACTOR TRAILER! Dimsport's DYNO family of power test benches has been enriched with a new product for the AGRICULTURAL sector, designed to make diagnostics even more easily applicable and to save time for calibration professionals and their customers.

Dyno Tractor Trailer DF2TR-TR is a traditional DYNO TRACTOR development for testing agricultural vehicles equipped with power output; it replaces the two existing models (DF2TR up to 250 kW and DF4TR up to 500 kW) to offer professionals a wider range of options.

It is a power test bench for testing agricultural machinery up to 250 kW of power, integrated on a walking structure for transport on the road and in the working field. Thanks to the portability of the bench, the technician can carry out the test by taking it to the location where the machine performs its activity, without having to wait for the agricultural vehicle to arrive at his workshop.

The most important innovation is the ability to make connections on both sides, which makes it possible to test every type of traction. This expands the range of Dimsport's Dyno benches, which are now capable of testing front-wheel drive harvesters and tractors. The car on which the power test bench is installed has an identification number, a certificate of conformity and all the necessary documents for the authorization to circulate.Like all other DYNO TRACTOR products in the range, this new model includes a kit of data acquisition probes: as an option, a universal joint, a shaft kit in different sizes and a kit for measuring fuel consumption levels.