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Flash Point Dimsport Turkey

 Flash Point is a specialized software designed to support the needs of Tuner and Master users aiming at a secure operation with tuner networks.

 Using this software, tuners are allowed to generate a database of files with make-model-type and other information, managed by New Genius and New Trasdata devices.

  The application is based on a Master/Slave working system. The devices are provided with software that allows the Slave user to send and receive files only to the modifier (Master) to which it is connected. Integrated system security makes it impossible for the original/modified (ORI/MOD) file to be found, used or accessed on another device. Each file from the master user can be programmed only once.

Read and program operations are identical to the Master versions of New Genius and New Trasdata. Flash Point is a very easy to use and simple software designed only for Slave users. All details such as ECU information, connector, cable, socket, pin information to be connected to the control unit are included in Flash Point.