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Flex | Ecu Mask

The Magicmotorsport Flex ECU Mask is a simple tool widely used in the market for quick and secure bench connections in ECUs. It consists of mini cards compatible with the ECU and an ECU template. The use of the ECU Mask is quite easy.

Select the mini card that corresponds to the ECU you want to connect to, place them in their designated spots on the main ECU template, and then plug in the ECU Mask into the ECU connector. The correct pin connections will be indicated with color-coded masks, so all you need to do is match your colored wires accordingly.

This way, you will connect to your ECU securely and easily! This reduces your bench connection time by half, providing significant time savings for automotive services.

The ECU Mask supports over 100 ECU models, including those from Bosch, Delphi, Denso, and Marelli.

Magicmotorsport Flex ECU Mask features:

It allows you to easily make pin connections. With color codes and the ECU Mask, you can achieve flawless connections.

Without the need to deal with small ECU pins, it identifies the ECU, selects the corresponding color-coded ECU Mask, and connects the wires through the designated holes.

When you slide and attach the mini cards in place and insert the mask into the ECU connector, the correct connection pins are revealed.

The mask and mini plates quickly align, enabling you to connect to the ECU in the fastest possible way.