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Ford ECU Repair

Ford ECU Repair

After the cars have been used for a certain time, some errors and damages are seen in the ECUs of the cars, especially those with automatic gear and automatic equipment. The sources of these errors generally appear in the car's ECU. The vehicle's ECU is where all systems run and some operating systems are interconnected with this feature.

ECU Repair in Automatic Vehicles
ECU damage can occur in Ford models, as in all other vehicle models. It is seen that this electronic system has been renewed by updating and all ECU-related problems have been solved by reloading the codes. In the same way, it is seen that there are some problems with the automatic closing of the mirrors, the locking of the vehicles, and the closing and opening of the interior and exterior lights.

How Does ECU Failure Occur?
ECU failures are not caused by the user or vehicle owners but may occur due to long-term use of the vehicles. These ECU failures are frequently seen in vehicle models, especially after 2010. ECU damages are seen in vehicle models with automatic and electronic equipment over 3 and 4 years of age. ECU damage is sometimes seen in rear view cameras, sometimes in headlights and license plate failures. In addition, minor malfunctions such as the automatic screen locking and the music system not working are also revealed by not recoding the ECUs.

How to Fix?
ECU failure repair, With the expert team and professional staff, the codes are scanned and old codes and code malfunctions are eliminated. Software and electronic control unit damage can be easily eliminated in this way. If the vehicle ECU is not maintained for a long time, it can cause bigger problems and malfunctions can be seen in other parts of the vehicle. We make repairs within Metadiag and Metagarage with a guarantee.