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This is a lightweight and compact portable device featuring a high-visibility graphic LCD display used to test all types of engines, running on petrol, diesel or alternative fuels. A thermal printer integrated in the rear of the unit makes emission test reports instantly available. GAS Mobile completes TEXA’s range of products for today’s increasingly strict exhaust gas analysis. Because it dialogues with TEXA’s analysers over a Bluetooth link, it eliminates the need for awkward trailing cables. The lithium-ion batteries offer a full day’s autonomy, meaning the device does not need to be plugged into the mains or the vehicle’s power supply, and can be conveniently used inside the vehicle.

TEXA customer services

TEXA has always supported its tools with a wide range of services. These services keep TEXA tools up to date with the latest innovations in automotive technology, provide practical troubleshooting assistance and guarantee mechanics all-round competence in their field. The TEXPACK annual contract provides updates for all environments, while TEX@info provides access to the latest technical bulletins, the “SOLVED PROBLEMS” database powered by Google, the Call Centre and iSupport. TEXA also runs a virtual store that can be accessed directly from TEXA software, in which users can request the activation of a large number of apps for the world of vehicle diagnostics and repair. Click the link below to find out more about TEXA’s services.


PROCESSOR SYSTEM MicroController Cortex STM32F103VX – 72MHz max freq. Memory 512 MBytes Flash, 64 KBytes SRAM OPERATING SYSTEM EmbOS Connectors/ Slot Slot for SD Card PS2 (keyboard) RJ45 serial (assistance) Power jack for wall adapter BATTERY PACK lithium 3.7VDC, 5000 mAh, typically 480 minutes of life (varies according to use) PRINTER Built-in low consumption thermal printer DISPLAY STN LCD graphic display (Blue&W) 240×128 dots, dimensions 170(W)x103.5(H)mm BLUETOOTH WT11 radio module by Bluegiga Technologies® ENVIRONMENTAL Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 50 °C Temperature while recharging: – 20 ÷ 60 °C Operating humidity specifications: 10 ÷ 80 % without condensation DIMENSIONS 212x162x120 mm WEIGHT 930 g.