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Designed to Meet the Needs of Mechanics

Navigator NANO S is TEXA's latest-generation vehicle interface, allowing for diagnostics on a wide range of vehicles, including cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, quads, and jet skis.

Every aspect of Navigator NANO S has been carefully designed and developed to fully meet the requirements of a modern garage, enabling mechanics to quickly and easily complete all diagnostic tests.

This compact, lightweight, and ergonomic interface is designed to work seamlessly with TEXA's latest-generation display units, such as AXONE Nemo and MULTI PEGASO, in a simple and automatic manner.


Attention to Robustness and Details

Robustness, attention to detail, and the latest technical solutions have been combined with care.

New design features make Navigator NANO S more reliable than ever when connecting to vehicles.

A powerful status indicator illuminates the diagnostic socket, allowing you to clearly see its location on the vehicle. Function LEDs are located on the front of the unit, facing the machine, for easy identification and reading.

At the end of diagnostic tests, Navigator NANO S emits a distinctive beep to remind you and prevent it from being forgotten inside the vehicle.


Diagnosing Without Compromise

Navigator NANO S is perfect for all TEXA display solutions using the exceptional IDC5 operating system and can run even the most advanced functions, including:

  • Automatic scanning of all recognizable ECUs on a vehicle with TGS3s;
  • VIN SCAN for automatic vehicle recognition from the VIN;
  • "SOLVED PROBLEMS" supported by Google;
  • ... and all other IDC5 functions.
  • TGS3s may not perform automatic scanning on older vehicles.


TEXA Customer Services

TEXA has always supported its tools with a broad range of services. These services help keep TEXA tools up-to-date with the latest innovations in automotive technology, provide practical troubleshooting support, and ensure versatile competence on-site.

The TEXPACK annual contract provides updates for all environments, while TEX @ info provides access to the latest technical bulletins, "SOLVED PROBLEMS" database, supported by Google, Call Center, and iSupport.

TEXA also operates a virtual store directly accessible from TEXA software, where users can request activation for numerous applications in the world of vehicle diagnostics and repairs.


To learn more about TEXA's services, click on the link below.