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WinOLS 5

What is Winols?

Winols is a program especially written to modify data within the ECU.

Thanks to this application, you can easily search within the data, perform mapping processes, and make necessary changes to the data.

All data and maps are stored as project files. In these project files, in addition to data and maps, there are also extra information entered by the user (such as vehicle brand, model, ECU model, etc.). These details contribute to the detailed recording of projects.

All changes made within the data can be saved as a "Version" with added explanations. For an original project file, a maximum of 200 different "Versions" can be created.

All projects are listed along with the information added by the user. With the filtering feature, these projects can be organized regularly.


New updates are gradually being introduced to WinOLS5. These new features are released once a year with a Feature Update.

You can use the program indefinitely without a Feature Update license and benefit from improvements and fixes. However, you won't be able to take advantage of the new features that come exclusively with the Feature Update.

Overview of the Program:

You can view the 2D, 3D, and text representations of raw data. The automatic processor detection feature will automatically identify usable areas in raw data for you. The search and list feature of maps enhances work efficiency. Mapping is made easier through the 3D view.

It automatically detects the identity information of ECU and software. The interface language can be changed to English or German. The Checksum feature can be used with the plugin. It supports devices like BDM100, BSL100, and OLS300.


    • -Automatic overview in Text / 2D / 3D
    • -Automatic map search
    • -Comprehensive editing functions
    • -Ability to export files
    • -Checksum feature with the use of external devices and plugins
    • -Ability to work on files with different extensions
  • &OLSx export / Batch export"