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Race Evo Software | Dimsport Turkey

Race Evo is a professional remapping software developed by Dimsport and is available in three different versions, STANDARD PLUS and PLUS FULL. It enables the optimization and recalibration of engine operating parameters stored in the ECU with easy and intuitive operations.

The aim of the software is to provide the user with a multi-layered, professional application and solutions to improve engine performance, reduce fuel consumption and modify engine characteristics.

The software has been developed over the years in parallel with the development of electronics and has been continuously improved to manage additional parameters. The internal structure of the software collects data and information and organizes their display in a functional database. The USB Dongle key (program lock) protects the user against unauthorized access by third parties.

The Race Manager upgrade is an extension of the master software and allows the user to manage and control a network of 'Slave' dealers using New Genius and New Trasdata devices. 'Slave' users can only read and program files that Master Managers have modified. They cannot collaborate with other modifiers or modify files. The system's database allows to classify and save all files sent to and received from each Slave user.

DSManager is designed for experienced tuners who prefer to enhance tuned files with other commercially available platforms. DSManager decrypts and resizes files from New Genius and New Trasdata, allowing them to be managed with other tuning software. Since DSManager is not an editing software, it only manages file traffic for other tuning software. It has a special application for automatic checksum calculation. DSManager is a "basic" Race Evo version, designed to manage a network of slaves without depending on a complete tuning platform.

Choose the RACE EVO version that best suits your STANDARD, PLUS, FULL Tuning needs!