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Race Truck Dimsport Turkey

The Tuning range, at the service of road professionals (buses, heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles), aims to reduce fuel consumption through improvements in engine torque.Dimsport vehicles allow the optimization of torque transmission over the entire operating speed range: the result is an increase in engine efficiency and the consequent possibility of using a superior gear ratio at low speed (characterized by lower consumption).The increase in torque and engine efficiency results in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10%.




A dedicated range of wiring and diagnostic connectors for buses, heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles allows New Genius to perform vehicle drive serial readout and programming operations on European and non-European vehicles. Full operating manual documentation provides simple instructions and step-by-step information on the procedure to follow. The continuous development of new applications allows for the full coverage of brands and vehicle groups available on the market.

It should be noted that the tuning product line also includes Rapid (add-on modules for electronically controlled turbo diesel engines) modules: in some cases these modules will represent the only modification solution available. for more information, please refer to the relevant Rapid documentation and application lists.




You can contact us for Race Truck series fleet solutions.