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Rapid Bike | Dimsport

The technical experience gained on the race track has given us the technical means to develop a range of add-on modules for every need: Rapid Bike, thanks to this background, has always been on the winning side and has been recognized as a leader in the field of motorcycle engine calibration.

The Rapidbike project, developed thanks to the past experience gained in the motorcycle sector, emerged in 2004 with the objective of offering add-on modules for quick adjustments in engine management without interfering with the original ECU.

The RapidBike product line now includes solutions for all needs and requirements: : RAPID BIKE EASY is equipped with a microprocessor that directly manages the lambda sensor signal to optimize the air-flow ratio, increasing engine efficiency and eliminating the torque and power gaps typically seen at low and medium revs.

As RAPID BIKE EVO is directly connected to all factory injectors (up to eight), it can simultaneously manage the corresponding air/fuel ratio, putting you in full control of the fueling processes.

In this way, carburetion values can be varied throughout the entire power delivery curve. RAPID BIKE RACING represents the highest level of technology to achieve peak performance, offering the widest range of solutions for track riders and street users who want more.

Starting from the new standards set by Rapid Bike EVO, the RACING module is designed to manage additional and innovative features that offer new and unattainable standards in this competitive field.

Professional motorcycle chip tuning with Rapidbike