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Rapid Trucks Dimsport





Designed for heavy-duty trucks, RapiWork allows to optimize and increase torque transmission over the entire operating range, allowing the use of higher gears at lower revs. The effect of this feature is a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10% thanks to an increase in engine efficiency. This type of intervention is particularly needed by professional operators and fleets: fuel consumption represents one of the highest costs encountered, so even small changes in these costs become a strategic element in the global management of vehicles.

Moreover, the choice of a Rapid module protects the vehicle mechanics and the reliability of the vehicle's operation on the road. In addition, the control of the propeller electronic management by the original ECU ensures full compliance with environmental pollution regulations.

Quality components and detailed instructions make installation easy, fast and safe. Using the calibration console, further customization of the module's settings can be made by the installer to achieve the most appropriate calibration for the operating conditions and vehicle characteristics.

It should be noted that Race OBD and BDM tools are also part of the Dimsport Tuning product line. Please refer to the specific documentation and application lists for more information.