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R&D stands for Research and Development. It refers to the systematic efforts of a company or organization to develop new products or technologies, improve existing products or find innovative solutions.

R&D activities include the processes of discovering innovative ideas using scientific and technological knowledge, designing new products, producing prototypes, testing and finally commercializing them. R&D activities are usually carried out by universities, private companies, government agencies and research institutes.

These activities lead to the discovery of new knowledge and technologies, new market opportunities and competitive advantage. R&D activities often involve costly and long-term projects and may require researchers from many different disciplines and specializations.

The purpose of R&D is to advance knowledge and technology, produce innovative solutions and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

In this process, methods such as experimental studies, testing, analysis and data collection are used. R&D is an important factor for the growth, development and future success of an organization and enables innovative ideas to be implemented.