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Scania Diagnostic Device Features, Supported vehicles, Device content

Scania Diagnostic Device Features, Supported vehicles, Device content

Thanks to the developing automation technologies, vehicle repair and fault-tracking operations have become easier than before. Reducing repair costs and time provided great advantages for both mechanics and vehicle owners. The components of the vehicles, which are managed by computer systems, can be easily controlled by fault detection devices.

Thanks to fault detection devices, which also have features such as programming, faults in the system can be detected and repaired very easily. There are devices on the market that can detect the malfunction of every vehicle. The models of passenger cars and vehicles that control large vehicles also differ. The systems of vehicles such as buses and trucks are checked with the VCI 3 fault detection device, which detects the faults of Scania brand vehicles.

Scania Diagnostic Device Connection Features

Scania diagnostic devices can be connected to vehicles' systems via USB cable. Some models also can connect via Wi-Fi. Detection devices that can be connected to vehicle systems with WLAN 802.11b/g technology have aluminum casings with IP 67 standards. It can be used easily in any environment and weather conditions.

Scania Test Systems

It is possible to test many components of the vehicle with the fault detection device. The injectors of the vehicle can be tested, the compression ratio of the engine can be tested, the friction limits and changes of the engine can be checked. In addition, variables such as the vehicle's engine, transmission, engine pressure status, and control of electrical systems can be monitored. With the device, re-coding in the system, part introduction after the new part set, reading and deleting fault notifications can also be done. Calibration of vehicle components is also among the things that Scania diagnostic tool can do.