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TTC is a device that verifies the correct engine timing belt tensioning, engineered according to Ducati specifications and specifically devised for Ducati bikes. Tensioning the timing belt correctly is a fundamental step in order to ensure reliability and safety: only with a measurement tool such as TTC a correct mounting is guaranteed, and an extremely professional service as well. The tool operates the measurement by using a very sensitive microphone that analyses the resonance frequency.


It is entirely wireless and self-powered by rechargeable batteries (battery charger supplied as standard). It requires no additional tools as it displays the test results directly on its graphic display, and emits a beep once the measurement is complete. It’s light and small-dimensioned and combines high technology with exclusive handiness and comfort, enabling the mechanic workshop to carry out a correct and professional belt tensioning in a few seconds.

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TEXA has always supported its tools with a wide range of services. These services keep TEXA tools up to date with the latest innovations in automotive technology, provide practical troubleshooting assistance and guarantee mechanics all-round competence in their field. The TEXPACK annual contract provides updates for all environments, while TEX@info provides access to the latest technical bulletins, the “SOLVED PROBLEMS” database powered by Google, the Call Centre and iSupport. TEXA also runs a virtual store that can be accessed directly from TEXA software, in which users can request the activation of a large number of apps for the world of vehicle diagnostics and repair. Click the link below to find out more about TEXA’s services.