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Race Tractor Dimsport Turkey

Dimsport also takes significant account of the needs and demands from agriculture and construction: "performance" in this context should be interpreted as the possibility to operate more efficiently, increase throughput and reduce fuel consumption. Significant improvements through improvements in engine torque



Results are achieved: also in this case, Dimsport vehicles have allowed the optimization of torque transmission over the entire operating speed range. The tangible power and torque improvements made on the propeller allow for more efficient operation, even in extreme conditions, while allowing the use of a higher gear ratio at low speed and thus saving fuel consumption.


Readout and programming operations on commercial vehicles and construction machinery are usually performed by New Genius, which is connected to the vehicle diagnostic socket by means of a special range of wiring and diagnostic connectors. As an alternative, New Trasdata and - for limited applications - New Genius support operations performed directly on the ECU. At the same time, the full operating manual documentation for these tools allows the correct procedure to be determined thanks to simple instructions and step-by-step information. For the full range of vehicles supported, great emphasis is placed on the development of new models. It is worth noting that the Tuning product line also includes Rapid (add-on modules for electronically controlled turbodiesel engines) modules: in some cases, these modules are the only modification available.

For more information, please refer to the relevant Rapid documentation and application lists.